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Leaders in online communities

Posted by elexent in Leadership

In online communities, tremendous work can be done without formal control structures, hierarchy or control mechanisms. Online communities are loosely coordinated, self-organizing and voluntary. Leaders in online communities are not the one having the greatest number of postings, or queries answered, though participation and tenure…

IT turnover: causes and remedies

Posted by elexent in HR

In the IT field, the average global staff turnover is 20%. IT companies and departments run the risk of losing critical talents. Research shows that employee turnover comes from a lack of job satisfaction and commitment. The greater people’s satisfaction with their jobs and emotional…

The dangers of technology transfers

Posted by elexent in Stratégie

Firms operating with a license tend to overestimate their own capabilities on the performance of the products they sell. They think they know ho to manufacture them but they do not. Hence, selling a license tends to act a safeguard against the emergence of real…

Optimistic executives get paid less

Posted by elexent in HR

The optimistic bias influence people to see the future rosier than is realistic : they will live longer, make more money than average ; they feel they are less likely to lose their job or die in a car accident. Optimistic CEOs tend to receive…